Let Me Grow

by Brain Rain

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While receiving many of your inquires concerning how you can buy our music, we always had to disappoint you – we had nothing tangible to sell. Therefore, we decided to launch this promotional account. This is not an official release and the cover art still has a smell of a simple lead pencil. However! You can invest in our creativity and help our first album and new songs to see the world. We can assure you, that your investment will let us grow. With love, Brain Rain

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released September 11, 2013



all rights reserved


Brain Rain City Of Brussels, Belgium

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Track Name: Maybe Tomorrow Will Be Longer
I lie staring at the ceiling
hear you breathing slowly
my heart is accelerating now
I rhyme its beat, I'm short of breath
I am erasing you
don't hear you anymore
Track Name: Hunger
I see two girls making music for two cents
I see three boys dancing for three cents
I see four eyes staring at them
I see their hunger

They don't wanna pay

Please sit down
And write everything you ate today
You will see tomorrow
A free show of you
Eating bread drinking water
With people

Who don't wanna pay

They don't wanna pay
Track Name: Inner
I would like to see
What you'd like to do
With your inner me
With my inner you
Track Name: Waiting Can Kill
We both know
It's time to separate now
To separate our souls
To separate our eyes
We both know
It's time to separate now
To separate our goals
To separate our lifes
We both know
It's time to separate now
Our eyes
Our lies
Our eyes
Track Name: Too Much
I wanted too much
Who is to blame?
You won't call me
You never do.
You never ask.

I wanted too much
I take the blame
I'll take the blame
You won't call me
You never do
You never ask

You stop on the bridge
I stare to your side
I don't care how much
I just want it now.

But you will never cross
You just stop it now.